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Here, we deal with words. Here, we look after words. And you are the person we want to talk to. Because you need to write a text, but you don’t have enough time. Because you want to make sure that the texts you wrote don’t have any mistakes. Because you want communication within your company to be standardised, in order to create an identity. Because you need an internal style guide always at hand. Because, in addition to all this, you need your texts to travel across borders, duplicated in several different languages. Because you already have a plan outlined and you need a partner to help implement it. And because you have already realised that we can help you.


And because you have already realised that we can help you.

Cátia Albuquerque
Cofundadora | Language Consultant

Cátia began working in linguistic consultancy in 2004. Over the last ten years, she has also specialised in editing and proofreading, translation and content production, and managed projects for some of the largest companies operating in Portugal, particularly in the energy and commercial consultancy sectors. She has specialised in translation, with postgraduate studies in this field and has also invested in the study of translation support tools. She has a degree in Linguistics in the Lisbon University Faculty of Arts, and during that time she also immersed herself in academic research in psycholinguistics. In addition, she attended journalism at Cenjor, Lisbon. She is a certified trainer.

Rita Magalhães
Cofundadora | Language Consultant

Rita has been working in the field of language services since 2006. She has worked for a number of Portuguese and international firms, providing editing/proofreading, translation, content production and training services. With a degree in Linguistics from the Lisbon University Faculty of Letters, she had previously conducted research in this field, and attended the Computer Assisted Translation Tool graduation at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon. At the same time, she also specialised in web marketing. She is a certified trainer.. 

Tânia Veríssimo
Cofundadora | Language Consultant

Tânia began to work in the practical implementation of Linguistics in the corporate environment in 2002. Over a period of 11 years, she has specialised in editing/ proofreading, translation, content production and training, working with major companies in the sectors of energy, construction, banking, tourism, communications, etc. She has an MA in Portuguese Linguistics and began her career in 2000, working for the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa on the Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa Contemporânea (Dictionary of Contemporary Portuguese Language). She also worked for LABEL, the Language Engineering Laboratory of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-UTL), doing research and building electronic dictionaries. She is a certified trainer.