We will prepare all your texts so that you can distribute them confident that they are free from errors or misinterpretations. 


We will assist you with document production, helping you to create correct and effective texts.


We will draw up a plan of action in accordance with your needs. This may include, for example, the proofreading and editing of texts, the preparation of internal manuals, staff training and follow-up of the implementation of the methods defined.

Based on your suggestions, we will create the texts you need, suited to their target audience.

We will look over the texts that you have already produced, organising and reviewing all their information, so that they can be reused rapidly and effectively.

Language consultancy


Document production

Information management


Clarity. Consistency. Confidence. Follow-up.


Cátia Albuquerque

+351 96 878 61 28

Skype: albuquerque.catia

E-mail: catia.albuquerque@trespontos.pt




Rita Magalhães

+351 96 533 08 04

Skype: rita.magalhaes

E-mail: rita.magalhaes@trespontos.pt



Tânia Veríssimo 

+351 91 712 05 35

Skype: verissimo.tania

E-mail: tania.verissimo@trespontos.pt



Empresa especializada em serviços linguísticos, serviços de tradução e formação. | Company specialising in language and translation services, and in training.

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