We select professional interpreters to match the subject area and aim of your event, so that its message reaches all those present. 


We work with native speaker translators and all translations are checked and proofread to ensure their high quality.



Terminology management

Speed. Profissionalism. Quality.

We can compile thematic glossaries, based on the documents that you provide us. This is an essential resource to guarantee that those who are writing or translating always use the same terms, so that the language in your company is uniform and consistent.


Terminology management services are provided (free of charge) for all translation projects

You can count on us if you need certified translations.

Certification of translations

Cátia Albuquerque

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Rita Magalhães

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Tânia Veríssimo 

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Empresa especializada em serviços linguísticos, serviços de tradução e formação. | Company specialising in language and translation services, and in training.

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